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Trump Diagnosis of Malignant Narcissism Confirmed by Many Experts

June 5, 2017

Diagnosis of Malignant Narcissism Vindicated by Many Experts

The distinguished San Francisco-base psychologist & psychoanalyst Michael Bader has a new article on Donald trumps’ mental health posted on  on June 3, 2017.

He joins other renowned psychiatrists and psychologists, including John Gartner , Ross Rosenberg, James Gilligan, Leonard Cruz,  Bandy Lee, and her collegues in identifying Trump’s malignant narcissism and calling attention to its dangers.

Since I posted on this subject before the election (“Donald Trump: The Face of Malignant Narcissism”),  I have been very pleased to see my diagnostic identification,  and most of my  perceptions confirmed & elaborated on by experts with far more credentials and renown than  I have ever had and speaking out on the same basis: that thee “duty to warn” takes precedence over the soc-called “Goldwater rule”.

Of coerce I can’t take any credit for inspiriting them. I’m sure they never head my obscure blogs and posts, but it is heartrending to see this confirmation from a growing number of other mental health professionals. I knew I was on to something.

Btu Trump’ psycho pathology is less important than hat of his true-believing followers. A leader is not a leader without many voluntarily followers, normalizing and enabling him.  Without these supporters he’s just a powerless lone crank.

Even more urgent is to follow the attack on all citizen rights (“government regulations”), the moves towards police-state measures (“Keeping America Safe”) an removing any obstacle to unbridled looting of the public sector to subsidize the private for-profit capitalist set or (“from whom all blessing flow”).


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