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January 20, 2017




The psycho pathological is political”


In what order do you think the following predictable events will occur?

*A “Reichstag Fire” event—a terrorist attack, real or a fake false flag, that is the excuse to give Trump special emergency powers, restrict civil liberties and cow the press, demanding all Americans shut up and blindly follow the leader’s bullshit or be branded “u-un-American” and “unpatriotic.” It will be a huge boost to Trump’s falling popularity, just as 9/11 boosted George W. Bush’s approval rating from below 50% to 90% overnight.

*Another Middle Eastern war under a false flag, under false pretenses. This one may result in 200,000 American casualties and bring the American Empire crashing down. That might actually be a good thing. Like the Soviet empire in the 1990s, it is more fragile than most imagine. Almost no one saw that collapse coming either. We can only hope it doesn’t bring down the American homeland as well.

*A stock market bubble, which will be euphorically proclaimed to be evidence of strong economic growth until the bubble bursts, resulting in a crash more severe than that of 2008 but not as deep as the 1930s.

*The imposition of a brutal austerity budget slashing services to the poorer 70% of Americans, causing massive suffering, necessitated by endless rounds  of increased corporate welfare and tax cuts for the rich. As always, the poor and minorities will be blamed for the greed and rapacity of the rich.

How soon do you think these events will happened (they surely will happen)? Within six months? Twelve? Perhaps eighteen? Are you a betting man or a betting woman?

Welcome to the Trump Era!






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