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Bye=bye Obamacare!

December 9, 2016

Bye-Bye Obamacare!

Bye-be Medicare!

Bye-bye Medicaid!

Bye-bye Social Security!

Oh wait! That last one won’t be abolished. It will just be…”reformed”…”restructured”…”strengthened”..And  “privatized”: the $2.6 trillion  dollar surplus it has generated since 1935 will  transferred to the Wizards of Wall street, the ones who brought up the Crash of 2008, to play Casino Capitalism with. And with Dodd-Frank and all regulatory obstacles repealed, think what unlimited prosperity that infusion of trillions will bring about! As they say in Las Vegas, if you don’t play you can’t win!

We will finally “get off government dependency” and get on corporate dependency which is so much better. You can individually negotiate with the giant health insurers to get coverage. Show them your discount coupons (“voucher”)! It might get you 10% or even 30% off your $500 monthly insurance premiums or  that much of a discount on  your open-heart surgery, or that treatment your children need. The Magic Voucher is your Key to Real Freedom! Think how great that will be!

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