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There Is Noting “Senseless” About The Racist Murder Spree in South Carolina

June 21, 2015


Given that South Carolinian was the birthplace of the Confederacy, where the War of Southern Aggression in defense of Slavery and White Supremacy started and where even today that “heritage,” that cherished “legacy.” legacy is celebrated, glorified, and reaffirmed every day, the killings were not senseless. In context they make perfect sense.

Given that while white America had to finally give up slavery—tardily, being the18th of 20 Western Hemisphere nations to do so– it has never given up white supremacy, and therefore black people must repeatedly be forcibly reminded they are never safe but always vulnerable, even in church, in America, his behavior is in no way “senseless.”

Given that this resentful, feckless young white man, dissatisfied with his station in life, felt threatened by black progress and had his head filled with the nonstop right-wing racist propaganda that hundreds of media outlets spew out 24/7 with the couscous intent of instilling endless fear, resentment,, rage and thirst for revenge, there is nothing senseless about his actions. They ere the normal consequence of the world view he allowed himself to be immersed in.

It appears he was well within the mainstream of his family, peer group, and community in his attitudes, feelings, beliefs. He was not seen as a misfit, as abnormal, extreme or as strange and “different.” He and his mentality fit right in even if his cohorts didn’t act out as he finally did.
Tragically his behavior was thoroughly embedded in a deep-rooted American tradition.

Speaking as old white man and a 29-year veteran psychotherapist and mental health professional, Dylann Roof is no more “mentally ill” than a very large segment of white America is. There is not a case of individual psychopathology. Only people who remain stubbornly blind to the realist of racism and its consequences can belie this was not an act of malignant racial terrorism.

No, there was and is nothing “senseless” about this bloody massacre.

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