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“We’re Scared! So That Justifies anything we do!”

December 31, 2014

“We’re scared! So that justifies everything and anything we do!”

The brutal cynicism and sadism of Americans keeps reaching new heights. “The hatred for the poor, the vulnerable, for the people we victimize, seems to know no limits. People cheer killer cops who run amok and demand freedom form civilian oversight. No one seems to care that our invasion(s) of Iraq have caused the death of close to one million (1,000,000) civilian men, women, and children. A Pious “Christian” congresswoman, Michelle Bachman, demands as her Christmas wishes that President Obama nuke Iran, and kill fifty or a hundred million people. Who cares that it would be a war crime of unprecedented scale, and that it would accomplish nothing except temporarily satisfy her Christian bloodlust?

Details of a massive, systematic, ongoing American torture program are revealed, Dick Cheney readily admits that at least one quarter of those tortured were and are completely innocent and says he doesn’t care. That doesn’t matter.”That’s right! So what?” say two-thirds of the American people? “It’s justified because 9/11 scared us! We’re scared to that masks it okay!”

“9/11 scared us! Yes, that was 13 years ago but we’ve never stop being scared to death ever since! That justifies anything we do, whether it’s invade, conquer destroy and occupy ten countries, or cause the death of a million Iraqi civilian men, women and children, or torturer hundreds or thousand of completely innocent people! We were scared so that makes it okay! We’re scared so our fear trumps everything else!”

I heard a local Wall Mart cashier, a middle-aged white woman, carry on to her customers about how tired she was of seeing African-Americans protestors on TV. “They shouldn’t put those people on the TV or the news! if everyone would just STFU there wouldn’t be any problem!” Ah, if only black people would just shut up and go away there wouldn’t be any racial conflict in America. Our cashier could retreat into fantasies of a pre-lapsarian all-white Disneyland America. Now there’s a sensible response.

A letter to the editor of the Grand Junction Sentinel recently asserted that: 9/11 justifies torture of thousands and anyway water boarding, anal rape, like all forms of terror and torture “cause no permanent damage” anyway. Everybody know that! What’s the big deal? I wonder what he will say when Americans solders re taken prisoner and subjected to the same treatment as calculated retaliation. “Hey, it’s only temporary! Quit talking about it!” Shut up about it and it will go away. If wont’ exist if we refuse to think about it or talk about it.

“If government says it was necessary to protect us, and then was’ okay with it, whatever it is… We’re scared!”

Fear. Fear. Fear. Be vewwy afwaid….

Fill the American people with fear and they will go along with anything no matter how totalitarian, how bloody, how brutal, how cynical, how sadistic, or how futile, in support of any murderous rampage and feel self-righteous about doing so.

What have we become?
Fear is eating the brains, the soul and the hert of the American peoople.

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