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Why I Miss Communism

September 17, 2014

It’s not that Communism was a good thing in itself, but

I wish we still had Communism and the Cold War again.

Communism kept our capitalist masters somewhat in check.

Communism kept them somewhat restrained if not honest.

Communism was a system the capitalist ruling class knew they had to compete with.

Communism as a potential alternative forced the capitalists to pay some attention to human needs and wants, and grant some workers’ rights.

Communism meant the capitalists had to compete for the “hearts and minds” of billions of people”.

They couldn’t afford in those days to just sneeringly dismiss them, saying “fuck you if you don’t like it,” like they do today.Today the gloves are off and the Capitalist Masters of the Universe openly sneer at working people, voicing their brutal, dismissive cynicism and contempt of those who are not rich capitalists.

Fear of communism was behind the work of John Maynard Keynes, who knew Capitalism had to be reformed or it would be overthrown: reform or revolution that was the choice. Fear of communism and fascism fueled the New Deal reforms such as the Wagner Act guaranteeing the right to organize unions; the minimum wage; child labor laws; Social Security; unemployment befits, the 40-hour work week; gestures in the direction of recognition of the dignity of the common man.

In one of his fireside chats, FDR told a story of a rich man dressed in formal evening wear, top hat and tails, who fell into a river. Another man plunged in the water and saved him. The rich man, instead of thanking him for saving his life, cursed him for failing to also save his top hat. That is how FDR saw those idiots who accused him of being anti-business or anti-capitalist. Don’t’ you realize, he said, I’m not you enemy, I’m your best friend, and I’m pulling your chestnuts out of the fire. Norma Prinz’ book, All the President’s Bankers shows how the richest Wall Street bankers were FDR”s old chums at Harvard. The really “smart money” knew that FDR was their salvation, their protection from the danger of radial revolution and expropriation.

The creation of the Marshall Plan was motivated by fear that communist parties in Italy, Germany, and France might otherwise legally take power by winning nationwide elections.Billions of dollars were poured into West Berlin to make it a glittering showcase of capitalist prosperity..

Think about that: how much fear of communism was the motivating factor behind Keynesian economics, the New Deal and the Marshall Plan.Without that, the capitalist ruling class had no motivation for mitigating their boundless greed and abusive contempt of common people, and their insatiable lust for other people’s money, plus their asseriton that cpaitlaist prifteering shold be the only value in society.

When Communism collapsed, the gloves came off. Teh Capitalsit rulers openly announced their amazing, insane asseriton that workers do not create wealth but are only parasites mooching off the rich; that capitalist profiteering is not only the highest vlaue but the only real value; that rich individuals and corporaitons are a a law unto themsleves and have no obligations to society at all; that all of human society should be organized aroudnd a for-profit capitlaist coropriate model.

This mentality is really new and really unprecedented in human history. It is a radical departure form milennia of huma values and human philosophy. Think about it.

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