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Cliven Bundy, Prophet of God: Even Wilder and Woolier Than You Imagined

May 4, 2014

An colorful eyewitness account of conversations at the Bundy Ranch not usually mentioned by the mainstream media has appeared in Esquire magazine (online at written by Cory Enders, who details what a rag-tag collection of bizarre characters gathered to support Bundy– and to share various complicated “theories” to explain the baffling mystery of why federal officials sought to enforce a court order directing them explicitly to do just that.

But now it turns out Cliven Bundy is being guided by Direct Revelations to him from God. He bawled out his followers for not following God’s orders delivered through revelation to Bundy: to smash the toll booths, destroy all the signs at Lake Mead and disarm the Park Service. “The message I gave to you all was a revelation I received. And yet not one of you can seem to even quote it.” Why id they fail to obey God’s direct orders? Do Scripture and Divine Revelation mean nothing?

Bundy then announced another revelation from God telling him to demand that “Every sheriff in the United States, take guns away from the United States bureaucrats.” (Apparently the Second Amendment applies to everyone but duly-sworn and publically accountable law enforcement officers). Because God/Bundy says so. And that makes it so. What are you waiting for? You have your marching orders from God. You are disobeying the Word of God. You are either for God or for Satan. Which side are you on?

This pattern of projecting one’s deranged egotistical desires onto God and then claiming they are acting as Servants of God by acting out their self-serving egotistical desires is an old, old one.

At this rate, Bundy will be giving Jon Krakauer enough material for anew book, a sort of a follow-up sequel to his outstanding 2004 book Under the Banner of Heaven, about a maverick pair of Mormon fundamentalist brothers, Ron and Dan Lafferty, who also received direct revelations form God leading them to cut the throat of their 15-month old niece and her 24-year-old mother because the mother was skeptical of their claims of Divine Revelation. The Laffertys used to scribble down lengthy, rambling stream-of-consciousness screeds filling page after page which they then seriously asserted to be “Holy Scripture”, and “New Revelations” dictated to them by God.

After all, who says revelation of God’s will stopped in the past? Who knows why God chooses a certain man (perhaps even a seemingly unlikely man—like, say, Paul of Tarsus) to be his oracle, his prophet, the vehicle through which he communicates his Divine Will to humanity? After all, Cliven Bundy is a rich, righteously angry, old, conservative white male—what more proof do you need that he’s on a Mission from God?

Or perhaps Cliven Bundy will soon be doing his own “correct” translation of the Bible, following in David Koresh’s footsteps. Of course, he doesn’t know a word of ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek but neither did Koresh. After all, his “translation” will be divinely guided and only God knows where that will lead or how it will end.Ah, the spiritual uplift of religion! How much it enriches the minds, souls, and hearts of so many men! It reconciles so much, clarifies so many issues.

I guess it’s true: with God all things are possible.

UPDATE: It gets worse. Not only have Bundy’s gun-waving miliitia supporters been illegally stopping, interrogating, and harssing motorists on public highways in the area, but recently released local police reports and news station interviews reveal that Bundy’s “patriot” militaiamen poured lighter fluid around news trucks, sneering and jeering,daring them to do or say anything the militiamen didn’t like, issued bomb threats against hotels where federal employees lodged, told hotel staff they “would be dragged out to the parking lot and shot,” and asked the Metro Police Sgt. if “he was ready to die.” Sheriff Lombardo admitted he and his forces were intimidated into backing down since dozens of high-powered rifles were constantly trained on law enforcement officers in uniform. It’s a bad sign when a government doesn’t dare stand up to such armed and menacing criimnal gangs and the mainstream media decides it is prudent to sound netural and tone down the urgly reality in fear of their own lives.

Can you imagine what would happen if the gun-waving thugs were leftists or black people?

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