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“They Always Get Away With It!”

July 16, 2013

Yes, it sure seems like they always get away with it…

Yes, any gun-toting, self-styled vigilante has the unconditional right to chase you down and confront you. You have no right to confront him. He has the legal right to stand his ground no matter where he is, including in your face. You do not have a right to stand your ground. You don’t really have any ground. He has a right to self-defense. You do not. His story will prevail. Yours will be silenced. That’s the way it works. That is, after all, the way the system is intended to work. See, the system does work.

I’ve learned a lot hearing the reactions of defenders of Geroge Zimmerman the last 24 hours, the self-identified voices of reason, order, and calm.

I learend that “black boys have to expect to be shot when they run from police, doncha know?” Zimmerman wasn’t a real Neighvorhood Watch man ,much less a real policeman, but– hey-it comes down to the same thing!

I learned that the only real victim of this shooting death is the shooter himself, Geroge Zimmerman.

I learned that racism doesn’t exist until it is conjured up out of nothing by someone claiming it exists.

Such people are “race-baiters,” who are “playing the race card” and there would be no racism if they would just shut up.

I learned that advocates for Trayvon Martin’s family, while entirely law-abiding, non-violent, and peaceful are “a lynch mob,” according to noted America’s pseudo-‘historian’ Newt Gingrich.

I learned that white sympathizers are “race traitors”–and I learend there is nothing at all racist in denouncing them as such. Calling them “traitors to their race” is not racist.

I learned that only angry white men have the right to decide whether something is racist or not. They alone are the final judge of the presence or absence of racism.

Ilearned that while Florida authorities tolerate murder of an unarmed black teen, they announce in advance they absolutely will not tolerate any expression of anger over that.

Like Zimmerman’s supporters they are, after all, the voices of reason, moderation, and calm.

But most of all, I learned this isn’t over. Not by a long shot. Zimmerman’s apologists want to go back to “business as usual” but that is not going to happen.

(copying and pasting this from Word or Open Salon and/or Our Salon always disrupts the formatting and leaves the text a confsuing jusmble. I apologize fof that–thoguht I shouldn’t because it is not my fault and beyond my control).

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