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Didn’t We Have an Election Last November?

March 17, 2013

Did We Even Have an Election Last November? (Oh, never mind. Sorry to be so naive.)

Both political parties agree: The poor must suffer more for the incompetence, recklessness, and crimes of the banks, hedge fund managers and plutocrats in general that caused this castastrophe.

This sadistic scapegoating is called “austerity”.
Democrats join Republicans in acting like the November 2012 elections never happened.

For years the GOP strategy has been to ignore electoral losses and act as if they won, act or as if Obama was re-elected with a mandate to enact the Tea Party agenda. When he does not, they profess shock, indignation, and outrage. The define “leadership” to mean capitulation to their demands. Any other example of leadership is “tyranny.”

But the Obama administration is also acting as if the campaign and election of 2012 means nothing– as if it never happened. The Democratic platform and all the inspiring speeches meant nothing.

The Democrats cannot provide any real alternative because they have accepted the premises of the right-wing agenda: that our government can do nothing about unemployment, nothing about the economy; that the Awful Deficit is a looming disaster that must be top priority; that raising revenue is unthinkable; that slashing government spending is the key; that slashing (“reforming”) what remains of an inadequate safety net is the solution; and that the “reform” (slashing) of soc-called “entitlements” including Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare are unavoidable. Cutting anything else, like corporate welfare or the pork in the pentagon is “off the table.”

The so-called “Grand Bargain” the Obama administration is bizarrely obsessed would be a true partisan disaster for the American people, a bipartisan sell-out that would resolve nothing.

Never mind that all proposed actions based on these premises will, in reality, do nothing to reduce the deficit, as if that were the most important outcome. Never mind the deficit has been shrinking as a percentage of GDP for the past three-plus years on its own.

Never mind that anyone can plainly see that these “austerity” programs have been a total disaster in Europe, creating massive human disaster, plunging Britain into a full-blown 1930s style depression and causing a huge degree of unnecessary and pointless human suffering.

Never mind that the so-called “socialist” countries like Sweden have weathered the storm of the last six years and recovered better and faster than their neighbors.

Never mind that by late summer 2009 both Republicans and Democrats colluded in dropping nay effort o create jobs or improve the economy. They agreed to “pivot” to a series of distractions and kabuki theatre.

Never mind that all this human suffering, broken lives, lost careers, lost retirements, lost health care, and skyrocketing personal debt, all the damage and trauma that will haunt the next two generations is completely unnecessary and could have been avoided. It could be rather quickly corrected now by government action.

But it won’t be. Because the dogma of a false religion blocks both thought and action. The Myth is the all-powerful Gods of the Market are angry, and demand more and more human sacrifices to appease them les they destroy the world. Every knee was bow. No sacrifice from the poorer half of the population will be too great.

It is almost as if we are living in the 16th century Aztec Empire, when 40,000 humans were butchered on the altars in a four-day period to appease the anger of the gods.

And all this suffering—past, present, and that yet to come– is based on sadism, greed, falsehood and fraud.
And all of it is unnecessary.

(Yes, I’m feeling a bit pessimistic about the political scene these days)

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