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Obama: “Peace In Our Time!”

August 1, 2011

Barack Obama is looking more and more like America’s Neville Chamberlin.

Once more, a craven, snivelling,  abject surrender is pronounced a “victory.”

“See, the Tea Party members are reasonable people. If you just abandon the interests of the American people, lick their boots, and capitulate to 95% of their  belligerent crackpot demands, you can work out a compromise with them! After all, we kept 5% of our needs!” What a fool the Obama Administration is if they think this is the last of their surrenders.  It has only  just begun  The right-wing Republicans now know  for certain that if they just stonewall  long enough, the Democrats will cave completely.

What remains of the social safety net will now die “the death of a thousand cuts,”–not immediately and suddenly, but starting in six months from now, little by little.

The boxing phrase “taking a dive” keeps coming back to me when I think of Barack Obama’s presidency a man whose election I worked fervently for.

I’ve been reviewing some quotes from others and I’m going to post them here, as food for thought:

“The spectacle of millionaires debating how to eliminate services to the poor and middle class is by now such a commonplace that it hardly deserves comment” –Roger Hodge, on Salon.

Robert Reich notes: “his  [Obama’s] inability or willingness to use the bully pulpit to tell Americans the truth and mobilize them for what needs to be done….never once does he tell the American people why reducing the deficit has become his number one economic priority. Americans can only conclude that Republicans are correct–that diminishing the deficit will somehow revive economic growth and restore jobs….there is no leadership.” (in his post “The Empty Bully Pulpit” on HuffPo)

Paul Krugman: “The GOP never cared about the deficit…[only] in the dissolution of the welfare state.”

Outrageous behavior demands extraordinary responses.”

By failing to do enough when he had political capital, he [Obama] lost that capital and now we’re stuck.”

“And everyone who preached bipartisanship, who has called for a meeting of the minds on this subject, is either a fraud or a chump.”

Rick Perlman: “When one side breaks the social contract and the other sides makes a virtue out of never calling them out on it, the liar always wins. When it becomes ‘uncivil’ to call out liars, lying becomes free.”

“Throughout history, people have been duped again and again into believing that enormous inequality in the distribution of wealth was necessary for their own welfare.” Marvin Harris, anthropologist.









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  1. August 21, 2011 5:02 AM

    I’m getting a little nervous seeing the field beginning to assemble, declaring themselves for the upcoming presidential race…And I bet I’m not alone.

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