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Swtiching to Open Salon

May 28, 2011

Mos tof my new posts here are intended to be forwarded to Open Salon.  I hope that venue will generate more feedback and more of a sense of belonging to an interactive community rather than just howling in the wind with few responses, few intelligent comments or feedback of any kind. the danger,of course, is a more sophisticated,  demanding, and critical audience, and of “preaching to the choir.” time will tell.

The link you need is:  http://opensalon.con/blog/donegal_descendant

Note the subsecript between the words “donegal” and “descendant”.

If that doesn’t work for you, start out by accessing, then clicking on Open Salon on the upper right, and then searching for “donegal descendant”.

My blog there is called “The New Edge of Cedar Mesa”

Happy reading.

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