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“The Devil Is In The Details”

April 7, 2011

“The devil is in the details.” Who said that? I can’t remember. But it came back into my memory just now.

Economist Paul Krugman has an ongoing  series of posts analyzing the details of the GOP budget plan, showing how much  outrageous deception and delusional imaginings it is based upon. Krugman has a great  gift for explaining complex economic matters in clear and simple language:

Note this  “little detail”:  about half of the massive spending cuts proposed will be needed not to reduce the deficit at all but solely to finance the proposed new round of 33% tax cuts for the wealthy. Remember the last big tax cut for the rich, last December? The non-partisan CBO estimated that was going to add another $900 billion to the deficit. Now we have yet another massvie tax cut for the rich. How many billions more will this one add to  the deficit—unless all social programs are slashed to the bone and then abolished?

A non-partisan Tax Policy Center  analysis esitmates the Ryan plan will  reduce revenues by $2.9 triillion, adding immensely to the size of the deficit.

It’s simple: every tax cut adds more  to the deficit by reducing revenue. They know this.

Once again, the bait-and-switch: deficit reduction is supposed to be the overwhelming, obsessive, crucial goal, but the draconian conservative plans for program cuts always includes ever-more massive new tax cuts for the wealthy which vastly increase the deficit by reducing government revenues by hundreds of billions of dollars, thus aggravating the very “crisis” they keep crying crocodile tears over and insisting is intolerable. It’s a vicious circle of their own creation.  Their “solution” is always the same: more tax cuts for the rich, more program cuts for everybody else.

Once again their nauseatingly dishonest apologists in Congress and in the media  are calling this stupid, shallow, sadistic shell game “courageous” and “honest”. Honest is the very last thing it is. It’s deeply dishonest and based on imaginary numbers easily shown to be absurdly false.

This  fraudulent shell game is becoming more transparent all the time, isn’t it? I certianly hope so.

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