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The Evil That Men Do (and Some Women Do, Too)

March 30, 2011

NOTE:  I have not posted here in some time because I was working on a new blog platform but that hasn’t worked out. At least so far.


A retired Wisconsin school principal noted on that the actual projected deficit only amounted to 0.5% of the state budget next year. That’s one-half of one percent. This is what Governor Walker, the Wisconsin Republicans, and their apologists nationwide were using as a basis for union-busting, threats of dismissing teachers, firefighters, cops, nurses, EMTs,  prediction of imminent disaster and total ruin, etc. One-half of one percent– and that caused by a round of tax cuts for the big corporations: everyone and everything supposedly had to be butchered and sacrificed on the altar of avoiding running a deficit of one-half of one percent.  Nothing else mattered, they said.  Think about that next time you hear about the “tough choices” that were “forced upon” Scott Walker and the Republican legislature in Wisconsin, as if it were some natural disaster that could not have been foreseen and was beyond human control. In fact it was a carefully planned secret strategy.


“We’re in crisis! All of us must share the burden of making sacrifices!” You may have noticed the recent announcement that General Electric (GE) amassed $26,000,000,000 in profits –that’s twenty-six billion dollars–net profit in the last five years from its US operations alone and paid no federal income tax.  Thanks to our totally pro-corporate tax structure, they don’t owe a cent to the government. This while all middle class, working class, and poverty class people are ordered to keep making more and more sacrifices…so the rich won’t have to make any. Shared sacrifice, indeed.

Update: It’s actually worse. I forgot to mention that not only does GE owe no taxes but we owe them a $3.2 billion tax credit. And GE is busy slashing health care benefits and pension plans for any new hires in the US. Oh, and did I mention that CEO Jeff Immelt, who presided over all this, has been appointed head of President Obama’s Jobs Council?


Once again, corporate profits in America reached all-time record shattering levels.  Corporate America is richer than it has ever been. Isn’t it amazing how under the supposedly “socialist” Obama Administration, capitalism in America has flourished as never before?  The stock market has boomed, both large and small corporations are sitting on world-record levels of cash reserves, in addition to enjoying world-record-shattering profits over and over again each quarter, and every time an Obama supported piece of legislation is enacted, or anew policy announced,  stocks take another jump. You may have noticed that the passage of “Obamacare” gave a boost to the stock of pharmaceutical companies  and health care insurance companies.  So much for the  supposed anti-business “takeover”–it had the enthusiastic approval of all the for-profit Big Businesses involved. They know is will vastly increase their profits even more. But don’t take my word for it. Check it out yourself.  Where was the stock market when Obama took office and where is it now?  What were pharmaceutical stocks and health insurance company stocks selling for before and after the passage of the health care bill? Actions speak louder than words so no matter what he Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, and Tea Partiers may say, Capitalism loves the Obama administration. 

Sometimes it is amazing to realize that, despite all the hysteria about ‘we can’t afford schools, roads or health care!’ that the sum total of wealth in America today is greater than it’s ever been.  In point of fact, America is objectively wealthier than ever and more able to afford essentials than at any time in history. Food for thought…but hey, don’t choke on it!









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