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The Birthers Know They Are Lying

December 3, 2010

[Note: I’m going out-of-town for a conference the next several days so posting will range from little to nothing between now and Dec. 8.]

There’s a clip making the rounds on the internet of CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s interviewing with Texas State Representative Leo Berman (R-Tyler) about his ‘birther” beliefs. It’s a brilliant interview. You can find it on several sites including and   Rep. Berman is one of those wingnut Texas politicians who has said “Obama is God’s punishment on us” and whose comrades in arms say they seriously believe “demons and devils” are leading the Democrats. In short, the kind of bizarre Texas  characters that make all Americans stand a little shorter, feel a little embarrassed for their country, and hope the rest of the world doesn’t hear about these sick and dishonest clowns  actually getting elected.

Anderson Cooper doesn’t get angry or aggressive, he simply, calmly reminds Berman of indisputable facts Berman is choosing to ignore.  I urge you to watch the interview and see it for yourself. In an age of sound-bite screaming and bumper-sticker slogans, Cooper proves a voice for reasoned dialogue and respect for truth, facts, and evidence.

I don’t feel so patient with the so-called “birthers” who claim Barack Obama was born in Kenya and is not a  US citizen. Rep. Berman is so ignorant that he appears to believe the fact that Obama’s father was a British subject (Kenya was a British colony when he was born) means his  Hawaiian-born son couldn’t possibly be an US citizen. I guess his logic is, if we just go back enough generations, we can prove you are a foreigner! Well, that works for anyone not a Native American, I guess, unless we go back to the Ice Age and proclaim them  “illegal immigrants from Siberia.” 

Barack Obama’s birth certificate has been posted on the world-wide web for all to see for several years.  He was born in Honolulu in 1961.  Even the Governor of Hawaii–a staunch Republican– and several other officials have all viewed the original document it is based on and confirmed its authenticity.

But truth, facts, evidence don’t matter to some people.  There mind is made up and they don’t want to be confused  by facts.  They  don’t care that John McCain was born in the Canal Zone, an area only leased to the USA, never US territory; or that McCain refused to release his medical records; or that George W. Bush refuses to release his academic records or all his military records. 

 Obama is black and therefore he can’t possibly be a “real American” because he’s “not one of us.”  

That is what they are really saying. That’s all they really care about, but they dont’ have the honesty or the courage to come out and say that.

With Republicans dominating the House of Representatives starting in January, we may see impeachment efforts since Obama “hasn’t proven to our satisfaction that he’s not a Muslim Terrorist born on Planet X!” and that crackpot notion will waste $75 to $100 million dollars in taxpayers’ money and distract attention from the GOP’s real loot-and-sack America agenda.

Can you prove you are not a Martian impersonating an Earthling? I think you’re a native of Mars, not earth!  What proof can you offer? Show it to us! We demand to see it! Of course, we both know that whatever proof, facts, evidence you offer will be scorned and sneered at by us, dismissed as “not really proof of anything”. Now, who wants to be sucker enough to play this game? The only way to win this sick and dishonest game is to refuse to play it. All sane and honest people know that.

Let’s be frank and  honest:

1. The “Birthers” are lying, from start to finish. The whole pseudo-issue is a fraud.

2. The “Birthers” know they are lying. Their deceit is consciously chosen, deliberate,  and intentional.

3.  The fact they choose to lie and perpetrate a fraud  speaks volumes about their character.

4. We have both a right and a duty to draw conclusions about their mind and character from their behavior.

5.  Their fraudulent assertions, deceptions, and endless lies do not merit the respect of any honest person.

6.  Their behavior is literally psychopathic ( or sociopathic, if you prefer that term). They demonstrate a lack of  conscience about lying. they evidence no guilt, no shame, no regret, no remorse about spreading lies.

6.  Liars should be confronted on their lying out of respect for truth and for the good of society.  As historian Rick Perlstein wrote: “When one side breaks the social contract, and the other side makes a virtue of never calling them out on it,  the liar always wins.  When it becomes ‘uncivil’ to call out liars, lying becomes free.”

Remember when you deal with ‘birthers’ you are dealing with cynical con-men and con-women who are deceivers, frauds and liars. How mu ch patience and respect do we  owe such people? None.

The only questions we should be asking birthers are, “Why are you lying?” and  “Why do you have no conscience about lying?”













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