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NuVista Credit Union and The Habit of Lying

November 20, 2010





NuVista Credit Union, based in Montrose, CO,  (formerly Montrose Federal Credit Union) has been a pain in the ass to deal with for over four years. In 2006 I  unfortunately took out a $60K loan from them to finish building my house so I cannot close my accounts and end my involvement with them until the refinancing of that mortgage with another bank goes through. Bear in  mind this an  organization that professes to be “Providing Quality Financial Services To Our Community” while behaving like a sleazy, criminal bunco racket.

Here’s the way they worked it: They hold on to the money you borrow. You submit construction bills to them and if they approve them they issue a check to the contractor or the lumber store or Home Depot or whoever.  They are taking almost no risk, having a lien on a $300,000 piece of  fully insured property as collateral on a $60,000 loan, so they can hardly lose. Plus, they borrow money from the Fed for almost no interest and are loaning it out for 6.75% interest, a massive windfall  profit for them.  I explained to the loan officer that the detailed estimates I was giving her (in response to her demand) were just that,  estimates, for such expenses as completing the wiring and plumbing, carpeting and tile work, doors and windows,stucco work on the outside, and building two large decks.  I advised her the actual final bill might be , say, 10% higher or lower than the estimate I had given her. She said she was  fine with that, no problem. Yet  when I submitted a bill for $2100 after my original estimate was $2000, she screamed and professed shock, as if I had violated our agreement and  her trust.  I reminded her of our earlier discussion and agreement, which she seemed to have willful amnesia for.  I reminded her that (1) the amount was only 5%  over the estimate and she’d said she’d be fine with a figure 10% over the original estimate. I also pointed out (2) another bill I submitted the same day was $300 under the original estimate, so on balance, we were $200 to the good.  She seemed to find this terribly confusing and disorienting, as if that were too complicated for her to grasp.   She kept acting like she had no memory of the fact that we’d been all over this before and reached an agreement which I was honoring and expected her to honor. I felt like the Bill Murray character in the movie Groundhog Day.   She claimed no memory of yesterday and expected me to join her in her pretense and be endlessly willing to start over from scratch again and again,  as if this was all new, expressing surprise and shock over stuff we’d discussed at length and agreed upon, over and over again.

 She also claimed she had sent me emails that I never received.  After checking my software and my spam detectors, I told her the problem wasn’t on my end, but since email has proven unreliable she needed to send me information either by telephone or by letter mail through the Post Office. She agreed but then  continued to send me emails (so she said) that I never received and that I knew my system was not deleting or blocking. She pretended to be surprised I hadn’t received them. We went round and round  on  this, over and over again. It was exasperating, maddening, and a huge, stupid, and unnecessary  time-waster.  I was  so relieved when the house was done– I didn’t have to deal with her bullsh*t   anymore.  She repeatedly demonstrated either huge gaps in the sails of her consciousness, massive memory deficits–or she was simply lying, over and over again. I grew tired of expending mental energy trying to decide which it was: are  NuVista Credit Union representatives  consciously lying or are they just incredibly stupid and prone to knee-jerk  buck-passing?

Later there was the time  my NuVista  Credit Union ATM card suddenly stopped working. ATM machines gave me a message that my PIN was invalid. I knew it was not. It was the same number I’d successfully used for years.  I phoned NuVista Credit Union. “Oh, we’ve just upgraded our software. That must be why,” the young woman at the Customer Service desk said. “A lot of people are having that problem.”

“How do we remedy this?”

“All we can do is order you a new ATM card.”

“How long will that take?”

“Oh, two or three weeks, maybe longer….”

“What? I live 60 miles away from your offices. What am I supposed to do in the meantime?”

“That’s your problem, sir. We can’t do anything about it…..”

This is typical.  This is what you can expect from the NuVista “Help Desk” or the  “Customer Service Representative”.  I suffer because of their f*ck-ups while they shrug their shoulders and disavow any responsibility for the consequences of their unilateral actions, their behavior, over which I have no  influence. They act like it’s my fault they f*cked up–again.

Then I had my health insurance cancelled because NuVista Credit Union f*cked up again, failing to credit a deposit I sent in plenty of time, and deducting an automatic withdrawal a week early, on a corporate whim, with no notice (“It’s your fault for expecting us to play by the rules and do what we said we’d do”).

Once again I was victimized by their incompetence,  habitual lying, and buck-passing. And once again, I had no rights no recourse, no options, no alternatives.,

Once again, like most Americans dealing with America’s  under-regulated capitalist/ criminal corporations, I had no rights. I was the one who had to  pay  all the costs for their lying, their dishonesty, and their mistakes.  I was obligated to keep paying them to f*ck me over.

This is the way we live here now, in corporate-dominated America….

[to be continued. It gets even better!]







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