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A Strange World?

October 23, 2010

How ironic that it was a GOP caucus, the Log Cabin Republicans, that got a court to overturn “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. I wonder what the conservative Christian fundamentalists are making of that. Can’t blame the  Obama administration for this one . They were on the opposing side–in fact, they were the opposing side, urging the court not to do it. (The order has now been stayed, at least temporarily).  Obama has said he’d like to see DADT go, but doesn’t  want it done by Executive Order or a court decision. He thinks it’s the job of Congress to change the policy.

Giant health profiteer insurer, United Healthcare, reports  profits soared another 23% in the third quarter, exceeding expected earnings by over $1, 600,000,00 0 (that’s 1.6 billlion). No word yet on whether they will respond by raising their rates 38%  in response, as other health giants recently did.

It turns out the security guards/goon squad hired by Alaska Republican/Tea Party candidate for Senate Joe Miller, who roughed up and handcuffed one journalist at a public event and threatened two others, were active-duty military men,  moonlighting in direct violation of DOD orders that forbid active-duty military from working for partisan political campaigns. It will be interesting to see if th US Army disciplines them or gives them a free pass.

A new Virginia school textbook designed for elementary school, teaches children that “thousands of Blacks fought for the Confederacy,” which is a flat-out falsehood.  Sounds like more Fantasy Southern History and wishful thinking by white supremacists. Some slaves were made to do supply work for the Confederate army, or dig trenches and earthworks, but no Black was ever given a gun or a uniform. Those slave owners knew better than to let slaves have guns. They knew what had happened in Haiti int he 1790s. Every slave owner in the Western Hemisphere knew that and never forgot it.

Clarence Thomas’s wife Virginia calls a bizarre demand for a confession of wrongdoing & an apology “extending the olive  branch”? A friendly outreach gesture seeking harmony and reconciliation with Anita Hill? Is she crazy enough to believe that? Now she’s opened a big ol’ can of worms very damaging to her husband. Not only reawakening interest in Anita Hill’s testimony but calling forth supporting accounts of sexual harassment from two other women not previously heard from: Angela Wright and Lillian McEwen. Where did Virginia Thomas think this would lead? What was she hoping to accomplish? And why now, suddenly, after 19 years?

And a hiker is killed by a mountain goat?! Not a bear, mind you. Not a lion or a wolf, but a mountain goat.  In Olympic National Park in Washington state.  Lots of wild bighorn sheep where I live, which could be dangerous, but I never heard of a single Attack Goat. Reportedly the goat charged and  gored him, then stood his ground over the fallen man, fending off the unarmed,  would-be rescuers for an hour. Bizarre.

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